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Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)
Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)

Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)

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Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version)

Launched in early 2021, these are our 4th generation of AirPods 2 Alternatives. These are not Apple Airpods® but instead a great alternative for a fraction of the price!

If you want the very latest version then check out our brand new AirPods 3 Alternatives.  If you need the best noise cancelling earphones, try our AirPods Pro Alternatives.

Since Apple launched its Airpods in 2016 they have taken the world by storm, and rightly so.  They are an amazing wireless gadget that has become essential for anyone who likes listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.  The downside to this freedom is that they are not cheap!

There are hundreds of really cheap Airpod clones available these days. The trouble is you end up playing 'retail roulette' as to what you actually get. Most clones are far inferior to the originals (particularly in terms of reliability, sound quality, and battery life). 

Even if the product looks the same, the internal parts can vary greatly!  The upshot is that it is very difficult to know if what you're buying is any good. Even "refurbished" AirPods are rarely the real thing!  Inevitably, you get what you pay for - there is a reason the deals on Wowcher, e-bay, KFDirect, Geekswag, Mobile4U, etc. are so cheap!  

If you are unsure whether a website is genuine, please read our 7 Tips to spotting a fake e-commerce websiteWhatever you do, carefully read reviews before you make your decision!

If, on the other hand, you want the best quality Airpods at a sensible price, then you're in the right place.  All our earbuds are comparable to the leading brand in terms of looks, features, sound, and build quality.  We offer a full one year warranty to back this up.

If you would like to know exactly how our wireless earphones compare to the leading brand, please take a look at our 2020 earphone comparison video below. Since this video was recorded, we have significantly improved the battery life for our 2021 version.... 😁

AirPods are a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

What they do...

Our amazing alternatives wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth device that plays music.  Most commonly this will be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smartwatch (regardless of brand). 

Simple to operate, they let you listen to music, or take phone calls, whilst on the go.  Just like the big old fashioned earphones but with full flexibility and a real sense of freedom.

They make a perfect gift for anyone who likes Apple Airpods® but does not want to pay around £120 - £200 for the privilege!

What we like most...

💜 Full rich sound with solid bass (easily comparable with Apple Airpods)
💜 Incredibly comfortable for 95% of people (including kids 10+)
💜 Choice of white or matte black. (unlike the leading brand!)
💜 Wireless Charging (although cable also included)
💜 In-ear sensors (remove to pause, replace to restart!)
💜 An identical match to the originals for around a third of the price
💜 Premium Packaging - perfect if you are giving as a gift!


The details...

Type: Bluetooth wireless in-ear earphones
Compatibility: Any Bluetooth enabled device
Time to Market: 2021
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Operating Range: about 10m or 33ft(without obstacles)

Listening/Talk time: around 4 hours on a single charge
Charging Time: 30-60 mins
Charges from Case: 3 to 5
Charging Type: Wireless + Cable (included) 

Dual Microphone: Yes (great for taking or making the odd call)
Control: Touch control
Volume Control:  No, only via input device or Siri
Hey Siri?: Yes
In-ear Sensors: Yes
Bluetooth Name Change: Yes
GPS Tracking: Yes - so you can see where you left them!

IOS Pop-up Window: Yes but please note battery % is only approximate

Active Noise-Cancellation: No 
Suitable for: Adults and Children 10 years plus

AirPods are a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Warranty Information...  

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your earphones, we provide an excellent, 5 star, support service and a 12 month warranty period in which we will be happy to arrange a new replacement.  

We are so confident you will like your Airpods, we'll happily provide a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.  All we ask is that you return the product to us in 'as new' condition within 30 days of purchase.

Delivery Information...  

Order today and you can expect your gadget around *

Your delivery will be tracked and will be delivered via Royal Mail or courier . You will not normally need to sign for your delivery.

* Estimated delivery date (usually a little earlier but may be later)

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25 Jan 2022
Simon S.
United Kingdom

Airpod Alternatives 2021

Only had the airpods a week or two, so far so good, the wife bought a pair of the same original airpods at xmas, literally exactly the same product, very pleased so far, thank you!

25 Jan 2022
Carl H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

A great alternative

Having been in and still buy from the Apple eco system i’d purchased an original £159 set of AirPods in 2018 to in effect be reduced to 15 minute battery life by 2021, I wasn’t prepared to risk another large outlay for the same potential risk via an upgrade to pros etc. Down the line, so decided to give this company a go, checked on trust pilot and legit not scammers, plus UK based, fair play to them, like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin, ordered on 20th Jan arrived 24th (liked the bonus of picking up the black versions) so far so good, nicely presentation box with USB lightning connector included, easy to pair and good sound quality and accept phone calls on par, any don’t feel guilty for cheating on Apple in this instance. So if you’ve been messed around with your first set or want to see what the fuss is about without forking out double, these are defo worth it and ultimately the company are genuine so will spread the word Best Airpod Alternatives (2021 Version) Review
14 Jan 2022
Joan R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Speedy & effective Response at trouble shooting

I have to admit that I have done this company a disservice by posting a 3 star review. Their response to my query was wentin hours but it was delivered to my spam box. So sorry... Once I found the informative email the issue was resolved. Rich the owner of this company has provided excellent customer service and I look forward to purchasing their smart watch.

10 Jan 2022
Ana G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best AirPods Alternatives

I’m glad I bought these because they were cheaper, they work perfectly fine and they came in good conditions (no scratches or anything). They were worth the purchase :)

31 Dec 2021
Dawn G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Son loves them

Bought the AirPods for 17 year old. Fussy as usual but delighted with these. Doing even less now as they are never out his ears. Would buy again from this company.

28 Dec 2021
Senga R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Bought 1 set originally then bought a second set for my other boy. They love them. Can’t tell the difference in quality to apple’s version.

27 Dec 2021
John C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ear bud headphones

Prompt delivery, product performed well. Bought as a gift, happy recipient!

25 Dec 2021
Laura C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great airpods

Looks like the really thing great sound quality very happy teenage daughter.

25 Dec 2021
Rachel C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


A happy teenage daughter. Fit perfect and sound quality really good Highly recommend

17 Dec 2021
Marilyn G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Air Pods

The fit and comfort is exactly what I was looking for. The sound quality is also very good. The one dissapointing thing is the lack of instructions for android phones. These pods are advertised for both but are only explained in IOS. Moan over

17 Dec 2021
John A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


1st time using airpods they connected straight away and seem easy to use . They arrived more or less on time good service

08 Dec 2021
Carl R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

AirPod Xmas present

Easy purchase procedure and timely delivery. Product is professionally packaged and looks like a fantastic Xmas gift for my wife. Will let you know how they perform after they have been opened.

06 Dec 2021
christopher d.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wireless Gadgets AirPods

The AirPods were delivered quickly and integration with my iPhone was very simple. I have never owned genuine AirPods, but these seem to be identical in every way. Although the promotional video advises that battery life is not as good as the genuine article, it seems more than adequate and recharging is rapid. Very satisfied.

30 Nov 2021
Stephen D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Airpod alternatives

Reviewed this item so many times, i then purchased and must admit I am very pleased initially with them. Have used once so far and sound and clarity is outstanding

30 Nov 2021
Emily G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wireless AirPods

Really good service and product. Would definitely recommend as an alternative as you definitely can’t tell the difference!

29 Nov 2021
Susan N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

iPod alternatives

What can I say but so pleased I’ve ordered another pair for a gift. Prompt delivery too.

29 Nov 2021
Sam T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Worthwhile purchase

Swift delivery, good customer service, good airpod alternatives would reccommend.

20 Nov 2021
Rebecca S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great Headphones

Arrived so quickly and they are great quality. Would highly recommend.

19 Nov 2021
Colin B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Air Buds

Bought these air buds for my daughter, and as anyone with a teenage daughter knows, probably the most critical person ever. So far absolutely no complaints !! Well done dad, and thanks to wireless gadgets.

19 Nov 2021

Thanks so much Colin. That's quite an achievement!!

15 Nov 2021
Jenny W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great Airpods

I am very pleased with my airpods: they arrived in really good time and great condition. The sound quality is great