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Tips for getting the best out of your Wireless Airpods

There is no doubt that wireless earphones are the way forward.  Since Apple released the Airpods in 2016, sales of the cable free earphones have soared.

However, like all good things, there are some drawbacks too.  In this post we look at a few tips to help you get the best performance out of your musical earpieces....

* If you are finding the touch controls a bit fiddly at first, try holding the buds by the stems when placing or removing from the ears massively helps unwanted touches/Siri.

* Always keep your phone in your right pocket (or closer) to minimise the distance between the playing device and the right Airpod, which receives the signal.

* Try to minimise any obstructions between the playing device and the Airpods as they will weaken the Bluetooth signal

* Airpods can only pair with one device at a time and will automatically reconnect to the last device used.  If you are trying to connect to a new device, ensure you have disconnected from your previous device first.

* If you are getting low on battery, reduce the playing volume as this will reduce battery usage and make it last a little longer.

* Your phone should only ever be paired with the right Airpod, T7RX.  T7RX (right pod) then pairs with T7LX (left pod) automatically but you should not see T7LX connected to your phone.  Remove any Bluetooth connection to T7LX and start pairing process again.

* If your phone gets itself confused and drops the Bluetooth connection for any reason and will not reconnect, just follow these simple steps...

1) Turn off Airpods by returning them to the case
2) Turn off Bluetooth on your phone (or other device) for a few seconds
3) Turn Bluetooth back on and remove the Airpods from their case again
4) Select the Airpods (T7 or T7RX) from your phone's Bluetooth list to re-connect


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