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Apple Airpods 2 Review and Comparison to Wireless Gadget's Airpod Alternatives 2019

Last week Apple officially announced the release of their updated Apple Airpods.  Despite all the rumours, very little new functionality has actually been added, and the physical design remains identical.

You can check out a full independent review of the Apple Airpods 2019 at

If you would like to know how the new Apple Airpods compare to our very own Airpod Alternatives, then keep reading....

Essentially, the 2 different versions are incredibly similar, and unless you're a real stickler for detail, you probably wouldn't notice any difference at all.

The below summary shows exactly how the 2 Airpods stack up against each other. We have also included our cheaper 2018 Airpod Alternatives to give you all the information you should need. 

Now it's up to you to decide which best meets your needs.....

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